GITenberg Status Report #5

We’re pleased to report that the GITenberg effort is helping Project Gutenberg adopt some of the innovations piloted here.

So far…​

  • The bugfixes we made to the PG EbookMaker software have migrated into the production EbookMaker software on Project Gutenberg.

  • Almost 200 problematic books identified in the GITenberg work are being rehabilitated on Project Gutenberg.

  • The generated covers used for GITenberg were adapted for Project Gutenberg.

  • Metadata processing software is being applied to generation of offline versions of Project Gutenberg.

The following are being seriously considered for implementation at Project Gutenberg (resources permitting) …​

  • Use of Github for Project Gutenberg maintenance.

  • YAML metadata for Project Gutenberg books.

If you have ideas for other ways to reuse the work done for this project, be sure to let us know!